Fall Munich

Autumn is a golden season: it’s so cozy and magical – just perfect for a hopelessly romantic princess like me. This weekend I fell in love – I fell in love with Munich, I fell in love with nature and I fell in love with a breathtakingly beautiful car.

IMG_3826I still don’t know how to put the last two days into words – I still have these butterflies in my stomach, this special smile on my face that says so much more than words can express and I feel so down to earth and peaceful. What happened? It’s just these little moments in life that make everything else seem so unimportant. Thanks to Ford, we had the opportunity to go on a little road trip with the Ford Mustang in golden metallic. <3

Ford Mustang_Munich road trip



And everything was just perfect – the weather was amazing, we stopped by at the Fashion Yard and enjoyed the beautfiul scenery in and around Munich. The feeling is almost indescribable: total freedom, at peace with the world and oneself – just happy! :-)




Read more about the car later this week on Gripsta and get inspired for your next romantic date night. :P


photo credentials: V’s World