Scientists have demonstrated the importance of deep sleep on skin quality. Whether we know it or not, the body’s internal clock operates on a 24-hour cycle called its circadian rhythms. These rhythms orchestrate a number of biological changes, including fluctuations in normal cell function and hormone levels that affect our bodies, including our skin. During the day, the skin defends itself against environmental aggressors, such as the wind, sun, cold or even pollution; at night, it regenerates and repairs itself in preparation for the next day.

Irregular or poor quality sleep can disrupt the balance of circadian rhythms and, in turn, affect skin quality, resulting in drawn features, a dull complexion and more noticeable redness.

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Here are the four key overnight repair activities that affect how your skin looks and feels in the morning:

1. Cell regeneration intensifies

Studies have shown that cell division increases overnight, reaching a maximum between midnight and 1am. This important regeneration process is crucial for younger, more healthy-looking skin.

2. Microcirculation accelerates

Skin’s increase in blood flow at night is due to a peak in skin cell exchanges, which either provide nutrients or eliminate toxins. Not only does this process increase cellular energy levels, it also leads to a more even complexion.

3. Cell turnover increases

The outermost layer of the epidermis is made up of dead skin cells. Every four to six weeks, these cells are eliminated from the skin’s surface in a process known as desquamation. Studies have shown that this shedding process on the surface layer of the skin reaches a maximum at night, making way for a radiant complexion by day.

4. Protective barrier repairs itself

This intensive night-time cell regeneration process increases the permeability of the skin’s barrier. This allows the skin to eliminate toxins, but also leads to a decrease in the skin’s moisture levels. At the same time, cell differentiation, microcirculation and desquamation increase to enable the skin to prepare itself and restore its protective barrier, leading to overall softer, smoother skin.

So, with this advanced skin knowledge in mind, make sure to get a good night of beauty rest! But for those occasional restless nights, scientists now offer cosmetic solutions to simulate the effects of good quality sleep on your skin.

vichy nutrilogie night cream

My personal cosmetic solution during the winter season – Vichy Nutrilogie night cream

Unfortunately we can’t halt the ageing process, but by keeping your skin healthy and cared for, you have a better chance of looking younger than your age. Thus, I personally try to exercise regularly, eat healthy, drink plenty of water und make sure to use high-quality skincare products. During the cold winter months, my skin gets very sensitive and needs special attention. Thus, in addition to my regular beauty sleep, I use the Vichy Nutrilogie night cream for dry skin, which gives me the perfect glow in the morning.

It is an intensely nourishing night cream and features a rich, non-greasy & non-sticky texture. This cream is formulated with shea butter to deliver extra hydration and is infused with Vichy Thermal Spa Water for soothing & strengthening benefits. It provides a 24-hour comfort & durable relief from roughness & tightness and makes my skin appear much softer, smoother & more elastic. And another benefit, which by the way comes with ALL Vichy products, it’s allergy-tested.

So, ladies, let’s take some good care of our skin and get some beauty sleep! <3


photo credentials: V’s World; Tim Geers (flickr), Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

source: Vichy