I have already announced it on my social channels, it’s time for another fitness challenge: getting fit and healthy during fall and winter season. This challenge is NOT about losing weight, trying to fit into a size zero (hell no, I love my curves), it’s more about living a healthy lifestyle, getting fitter and toning your body for a good immune system – getting stronber. As I wrote in one of my recent articles, I find it very important to cherish the little things in life: love, family, friends and health. The latter is very important ’cause that’s something you CANNOT buy – neither love, family and friends.

Thus, I decided to do a fitness check-up, trying to work out a new fitness routine that fits my new lifestyle, combined with healthy foods. For me, over the next few months, everything is going to be new. I am starting all over, building a life in Munich, Germany. A new job, new furniture, a new lifestyle – and some good OLD friends. <3

It is probably going to be a combination of LOTS of trail running, functional training, crosstraining and new recipes – but I don’t know myself, YET.

So, over the next few days, I will have my total body check-up and will then share the first results with you, providing personal tips and sharing my experience.



photo credentials: V’s World, Tambako The Jaguar (flickr), Creative Commons 2.0