I would say, nowadays values are even more important than ever – especially with everything what’s happening around us. I can only speak for myself, but sometimes I ask myself: Why become some people overly focused on the acquisition of wealth? What about the traditional values and the little things in life? Love, health, family and friends. I am part of the so-called generation Y and the more I think about it, the more I actually like it. Not because of some stupid branding – if you need to find some weird marketing name for yet another generation, what the heck, go for it. But I am proud of our values: a good work-life balance tailor-made to suit our commitments outside the work-place. This involves leaving ample opportunity to develop family relationships and enjoy time spent with loved ones. Millennials have seen earlier generations over-work themselves and – as a result – have relatively little time left over to relax with family and friends. My generation seeks to learn from this, desiring jobs that will be flexible enough to accommodate for other pursuits. Work satisfaction is certainly a priority to Millennials, and by no means do they reject the idea of earning money, but neither of those things is as important as building strong and lasting relationships with the people that matter the most.

My former boss, colleague and a wonderful charming social friend of mine, Frank Behrendt (chairman fischerAppelt), got to the point: “Love your family, your friends and yourself. – But don’t LOVE your job!” – True, true and true. While being at his hair dresser, he wrote a list with ten points that every single one of us should keep in mind in order to have a good work-life balance and focus on the things that are truly important.

Frank Behrendt / fischerAppelt AG / Köln, 02. Sept. 2015

Frank Behrendt’s 10 anti-stress tips

1. “Every single morning you should remind yourself that, at work, we sort of play Monopoly for adults. No matter what happens, the world keeps spinning. So, don’t be full of yourself!” – exactly, I am more an understatement gal and always try to keep calm and more importantly, keep smiling

2. “Don’t forget to breathe! Take little breaks during the working day: listen to an audiobook instead of being on the phone with someone, read a good book on the plane instead of the last sales statistics.” – for me, it’s my Disney soundtrack :D

3. “Nothing makes me more happy than my family. Thus, I’d rather take the last plane home or the night train instead of spending the night in a hotel. Having breakfast with your loved ones is just priceless and the best way to start the day.” – I have spent too many days and nights on planes and in hotels, so I could not agree more

4. “Avoid having too many business dinners! If you have something to discuss, you an easily do it during the day – over lunch for example. Instead, go to the movies with your wife, play soccer with your kids before they go to bed or watch soccer on SKY television.” – yep, I so don’t like business meetings in the evening…

5. “Get back your “happiness-kick”. Almost anyone had some wonderful, happy moments during their childhood. For me, it’s an old matchbox car that’s on my desk – a great toy to play with during boring conference calls.” – for me, it’s my little Disney toys :D; try to keep your inner child!

6. “When you have one of those rough days, call some of your former beloved colleagues, that now work somewhere else and share some good old storie. A good laugh always makes your day look brighter.” – I personally would go running during lunch break, but I definitely like this idea

7. “Have lunch with people that are not relevant for your business – at least not at a first glance. A nice little chat with an intern about his or her YouTube stars can be pretty inspiring and often much more entertaining than the stiff talk with a key-account manager.” – true, true and true

8. “Don’t use your “out-of-office reply” when you are on vacation. You can easily check your mails twice a day and it is no problem at all forwarding the important messages and writing a short reply. Afterwards, put your phone back in the safe – that’s less stressful than preparing long briefings for your colleagues before leaving for your vacation and having to get all the details on your first day back. You can easily learn how to unwind and relax – in your mind, not on the device.” – YEP

9. “Enough with the cc! Trust your employees and prefer personal updates – that is far more efficient and leaves room for personal compliments as well.” – nothing more to add

10. “Love your family, your friends, yourself and life! But never love your job!” – that is exactly my motto: focus on the little things in life people – love, health, family and friends – that is just priceless!

Well, in my opinion, there is nothing more to say and I am glad I got to meet Frank Behrendt on my business journey and I am even more happy that we are still in touch, sharing our stories with each other. Frankie, you rocked it and I wish you all the best for your upcoming book! #rockstar <3


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photo credentials: John M. John/ fischerAppelt AG, Köln