The German part of the Alps is not very large. Among the German summits Watzmann is one of the most important mountains; impressive from all sides. At 2713m Grosser Watzmann is the highest peak standing entirely within Germany. Looming almost 2000 meters above the green waters of Koenigsee, Watzmann’s graceful mass provides a postcard-perfect backdrop to the city of Berchtesgaden, in Bavaria’s southeastern corner.

11705760_10206619768668304_437179486630228090_oFrom each side the character is quite different: from N it is the classical shape, from S a steep and prominent tower. Due to the configuration from E and W Watzmann looks like an enormous, expanded wall. It is not a solitary summit but a ridge of about 3 km length with 3 tent-shaped elevations:
N-summit (Hocheck 2651 m)
Middle (and highest)summit (Mittelspitze 2713 m)
S-summit (Suedspitze 2712 m – in former times also called Schoenfeldspitze).

Together with my two friends Melanie and Bernadette we decided to take on this huge challenge and went on a hiking trip, climbing the Watzmann from the northern side. I have to admit that I haven’t quite digested it, yet, but still – it was pretty awesome. It was breathtakingly beautiful, although the weather conditions weren’t that great: showers, fog and a high drop in temperature at the Watzmannhaus.


I gotta say the tour was tougher than I thought, especially due to its length and some pretty steep slopes. Thus, this tour is for experienced hikers only and you should be in good shape and physical condition!!

Although I was pretty tired after our 8-hour tour, I got totally hooked and definitely wanna come back, going even further, crossing all three summits.

But for now, you can follow my Watzmann adventure below in a little gallery.





photo credentials: V’s World, (flickr), Creative Commons 2.0