Since I recently went on a “little” hiking adventure, doing the Watzmann tour, I decided to share some of my personal hiking gear favorites with you. (this is solely my personal opinion based on my personal experience and I don’t get paid by any brand ;-))

I have two backpacks: a small one for light day tours and this one for larger trips.

I gotta admit: my backpack was a bit too heavy

Depending on the tour, I have several shoes: traditional, heavy hiking boots, special boots for the winter season, and seperate shoes for trails and alpine tours.

11411890_10206619763868184_7187185609244196067_oDuring our Watzman challenge, I was wearing these: SALEWA Speed Ascent. Why? Because it has the look and feel of a trail running shoe, and their special take-off technology assists with optimizing motion in lower limbs, easing muscle recovery, and ensuring long-lasting comfort on long trails. Since I have problems with my right knee, I always need to be careful when going on very long tours with pretty steep slopes. I can’t really explain it, but when wearing the Speed Ascent, I don’t have any knee problems, which is kind of amazing. I also like the drawcord lacing, which gives the overlap closing a secure and seamless feel. But again, as mentioned before – this is just based on my personal experience. Everyone has his or her own preferences, depending on your personal strengths and weaknesses.


BUT, I always take along a pair of sandals, so that I can get all comfy before and after my long tour. When I first started hiking a few years ago I used to put on my hiking gear at home and was wearing the heavy equipment during my long train rides, which was insane. Now I leave all comfy and put on my hiking gear at the hiking route’s starting point – and not a minute earlier! ;-)

leaving for Saaldorf

Softshell jackets: they are VERY important. These jackets are excellent layers for aerobic activities in cold environments. Although they are ideal only for selected activities, they provide a combination of comfort, breathability, and weather resistance not found in other types of outer wear. They can provide a lot of comfort when you are moving quickly and building up a sweat, need great mobility and durability, or enjoy the stylish appeal of many casual softshell jackets.

SALEWA softshell jacket, warm tights: ODLO

11807191_10206619749467824_3631703290121358340_oWhen my friends and I reached the Watzmannhaus, we experienced a serious drop in temperature so that we all needed to change into something warm.


three ladies and one big mountain

too early to talk

So, that’s about it. These are currently my favorite hiking gear essentials. If you haven’t seen the photo story of our Watzmann tour, yet, make sure, to check it out!


photo credentials: V’s World