IMG_5747The past days were all about summer, sunshine and surfing at the Surf & Skate Festival Munich. Many of you know that I am into surfing, since I share some trending stories every now and then. I am not very good at at, in fact, I even suck. :D I tried it when I visited Hawaii and it was a lot of fun, but I am definitely not a natural so that I rather stick to different sports. However, I do love the surfing culture, the open-minded people and for me it’s just pretty cool to watch, which is why I was once again looking forward to attending the Surf and Skate Festival in Munich.


On Thursday I was at the movie open air “Kino, Mond & Sterne” where we saw two documentaries: Peninsula and The Cradle of Storms. For those who are into adventures and wanna learn more about rather different surfing locations, you should definitely watch The Cradle of Storms – damn, these guys are crrrrrrraaaaaaaazy. Totally loved it!

On Friday and Saturday it was all chilled: I checked out the pop-up store, discovered some nice pieces at the art exhibition and spent a lot of time out in the sunshine, at the Eisbach and the river bank, diggin’ it.

surfing at the Eisbach


On Saturday night I was then invited to the official O’Neill Party, usually a nice highlight during the festival.  But I have to admit the DJs were just awful. I expected some nice “surfer tunes” – a mix of hot electronic beats and some old school hip hop classics from the Beastie Boys or Run D.M.C.. Well, instead they played some weird modern hip hop remixes for 2 hours straight so that my girls and I left early… There was no way we were going to dance all night long to this crappy music. SORRY!


11407311_10206245138142775_5150054215367945010_nSo, for those of you, who don’t have any plans today, you still have a chance to check out some of the hot skater and surfer stuff.

Have a lovely Sunday!


photo credentials: V’s World, Surf & Skate Festival