A few days ago I had a nice little chat with two of my co-editors about our upcoming stories and somehow we ended up talking about all things retro.

In fashion it’s been nothing new to mix vintage and modern styles. In fact, it’s no doubt, when people see gorgeous retro looks mixed with classic contemporary street wear garments, they loose their minds, as it really makes a great impression on people. Wearing retro clothing during the every day life makes a huge impact and adds serious skill to your overall appearance.

On instagram I found some of the Ford classics, which inspired me to pick out some denim styles for some magical summer moments.

Denim Fashion Dreams: Retro Style inspired by Ford Classics

An old classic – the Ford Mustang. Perfect for hot summer nights in your cute little jeans outfit.


Butterflies in your stomach with the Ford Capri. Hot attire: a cool jumpsuit.

ford 5


Watching the sun go down in a Ford Torino, wearing this cool jacket by Vivienne Westwood.

ford 4   denim jacket

So, pick your favorite denim style and get ready for your next date night, having a great time and lots of fun with your dream boy. :-)


photo credentials: Ford Germany, ASOS