As I mentioned in some earlier posts, there are lots of ups and downs during this 12 week fitness challenge and I reached my lowest point a few days ago. I was exhausted!! I did not get enough sleep due to my tight schedule at work, I could feel every single muscle in my body and my knee hurt really bad. I was forced to rest for a few days, which I did.


But then the unexpected happened: after a few days of rest I wanted to test my limits on Thursday and got up at 5:00 a.m. in the morning. I just wanted to know where I currently stand regarding my fitness level and progress. It was unbelievable and I cannot really explain it: I just ran, and I kept running, it was just me and the sunrise, along the river bank – I could not stop, I did not wanna stop. It was MY trip – my addiction. I ran my first 20k and was not exhausted afterwards – no pain in my muscles, nothing – just a feeling of TOTAL FREEDOM and PURE HAPPINESS.

It was my first REAL runner’s high! I have never experienced this intense euphoric feeling after a workout, a mental state of relaxation, a huge smile on your face and the feeling that you can just do and achieve anything. No, I did not smoke marijuana – this feeling was much more intense, much better, indescribable! Thanks to this experience, I am all motivated for my upcuming fitness schedule. <3


all sweaty after my first 20k


photo credentials: V’s World, Glenn3095 (flickr), Creative Commons 1.0