I was forced to take a break for ten days now due to work, fatigue and illness. But now I am all cleared by my doc and will get back to my training program on Monday, knowing that I won’t be able to run another 20k tomorrow morning. :D

This is what my personal trainer told me when getting back to my routine:

If you miss between six and ten days of training, you’ll likely lose a little running specific coordination and a very slight amount of fitness. This isn’t anything to fret over, but it does mean you’ll want to schedule your first workout back to be pretty easy.

  • Keep your first three days of running easy. Start with 60-70 percent of easy mileage and increase 10-15 percent each day. Again, add some strides or hill sprints. This should get you feeling almost back to normal.
  • Rather than running your previously scheduled workout, consider running a fartlek instead; e.g. 6 x 3 minutes at 5k effort with a 2-3 min walk rest. That will get your legs moving quick and three minutes is long enough to get you huffing and puffing without being killer.

After this introductory workout, you should be all set to jump back into your regular training mileage and intensities.

Well, I will see how it goes and will share my progress with you. But I am very motivated, especially, since I will be leaving for Spain next weekend, which means I can go for long runs right at the beach or along the coast, which I LOVE. <3



photo credentials: V’s World, PROsummonedbyfells (flickr), Creative Commons 2.0