I’ve been supporting the barefaced and beautiful campaign for a while now and still think it’s a very important matter. Initially this campaign was founded by the Renfrew Center Foundation. Throughout one week, women were asked to go without makeup for one day in order to start a dialogue about healthy body image and inner-beauty.

To promote their involvement and celebrate self-acceptance, participants were encouraged to share a photo of their natural self through their social media networks—Twitter, Facebook and Instagram—with the hashtag #Barefacedbeauty.  Supporters were able to post a positive comment under someone’s natural photo or retweet positive body image messages from the Renfrew’s Twitter page @RenfrewCenter.

barefaced and beautiful

Negative body image can promote feelings of anxiety, self-consciousness and isolation which can lead to unhealthy behaviors such as addiction or disordered eating. Through this national campaign, the Renfrew Center Foundation hopes to encourage supporters to embrace their natural selves and be a part of spreading a positive message about self-acceptance and inner-beauty.

barefaced and beautiful
out of the shower – #nomakeup #nofilter

I say: screw the dishonest portrayal of women’s beauty in the media and please just stay as you are, ’cause you are ALL beautiful!


photo credentials: V’s World (all pictures were taken with an iPhone6)

featured image: CLAUDIA DEA (flickr), Creative Commons CC BY 2.0