I needed to rest for a few days so that I am one week behind, which means that I will now start with week 3. Actually, I am quite optimistic, but I have to admit that week two was tough. My body needed more time to recover than I expected and I need to change my running routine due to a little incident last night. I have been running in the late evening hours or at night along the river bank and I’ve always loved it: I received the best results, enjoyed being by myself, listened to my music and could forget the whole world around me.




IMG_2744Well, I officially admit that running by myself in the dark clearly wasn’t my smartest idea and I definitely need a training partner for my late evening runs. For the first time ever I was harassed by a group of guys, had to use my elbows and ran back home as fast as I could. I realized the Isar running track is definitely NOT safe at night anymore and from now on I will no longer run at night – at least not when I am all by myself.

Regarding my fitness goals, I did not make the improvements I was hoping for, but my trainer told me it’s quite normal, since my body needs 3-4 weeks to get used to the new routine. BUT: I set two dates – I will run the 10k on June 28 and the half-marathon on September 26. #EXCITING

So, this is my training plan for week three of my 12 week fitness challenge:

My running routine


My workout routine:

Monday: back, chest and arms

Wednesday: training for long, lean legs, abs and back

Thursday: rest

Friday: butt workout

Sunday: chest, abs and back

So, wish me luck!


photo credit: Hernán Piñera (flickr), Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0