I am totally in my own bubble right now being pretty busy at work and trying to schedule in my daily fitness routine. Thanks to my strong willpower and discipline, I haven’t missed one day of training so far, BUT I have to admit that there are days where I could just use a hug, a BIG HUG, many hugs, actually… For me personally, this week has been the toughest one so far during my 12 week fitness challenge, since I can feel every bone of my body, I need to get up at 6 a.m. to integrate my daily workout routine, have a lot of stuff going on at work and now, for the first time, I actually feel some emotional stress so that I listen to many Disney songs right now and look at cute animals on instagram before falling asleep :D. It’s definitely a very tough challenge, but I will never give up and will always keep smiling!! <3

pretty tired – no makeup, no filter…

I am still trying out different running shoes (Nike, adidas and Salomon) so that I’ll be able to share my personal experience some time later in June. Furthermore, I have A LOT of personal training and together with my physiologist and doctor, we will make some dietary changes, ’cause my body currently needs additional vitamins and minerals.


photo credentials: V’s World