Did you know that skin loses up to 25% of its ability to hold moisture in winter months? The cold, dry air during this season steals moisture from your skin, leaving it looking dry and lifeless.

Thus, it is very important to change your daily skin routine so that you can enjoy a lovely winter glow. These are my winter beauty tips:


Exfoliation is a first crucial step to quenching thirsty dry skin as dry skin buildup on the surface of skin can prevent moisturizers from penetrating. By exfoliating away the dead skin on the surface, it allows your moisturizer to absorb better.


During the winter your face is the part of your body that is most exposed to cold weather, causing it to lose moisture the most. A rich moisturizer with the appropriate balance of ingredients that add and lock moisturein the winter will help to better retain your skin’s moisture and make it feel soft.

If you stick to your daily routine, you will achieve a gorgeous winter glow. <3


photo credentials: V’s World