Jasmine ThompsonMost of you know that I cannot picture a life without music. Music is what feelings sound like, some people just forget to listen. Whenever I leave home I have my headphones with me and am listening to whatever I feel like: whether it’s electro, new wave, dance music, classical, movie soundtracks, rock, alternative or even Disney, I could not live without it and am even one of these cheesy people who still make “mix tapes” for their loved ones – not actual tapes, though. :D

Thus, I am regularly looking for new inspirations, magical voices that give me goosebumps – artists that can trigger my emotions. This morning I came across Jasmine Thompson and immediately fell in love with her voice. Goosebumps, goosebumps, goosebumps.

She has such a special voice and is extremely talented!


video source: YouTube

photo credentials: Jasmine Thompson Facebook page