Fall is a beautiful time of the year for walking along the wooded trails in London’s many parks and forests, enjoying the bright colors of the leaves overhead and the sensation of them scrunching underfoot. Although I am personally not really a fan of the colder seasons, I just love to switch on my romance gene and enjoy these magical little moments.

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Bild3Co-author Anne from Lilies Diary, one German travel blog I follow, just wrote an incredibly inspiring article on the fall foliage in London, how everyone embraces the little romance in the air and on her favorite travel spots. You’ll also find more pictures and posts in the social web under the hashtag #TeaTimeMoments, a blogger campaign for London lovers and travel enthusiasts.

I think I should check out some great travel deals for a Christmas shopping trip. ;-)


photo credentials: V’s World, Pedro Szekely (flickr), Creative Commons 2.0