Always keep the good memories and forget about the rest! :-) Do you wanna know why I am not really sad that I just quit scuba diving and am still sick? Well, ’cause I got to experience total peace and freedom during my first paragliding experience in Lanzarote with Famaraiso and am still enjoying this special feeling. I had no idea I could feel like this, totally let go, don’t worry at all, think about nothing, just experience total freedom. I am still speechless when thinking about it and wanna thank Robert from Famaraiso for making me feel so comfortable. I wasn’t scared at all, not nervous, nothin’ – I felt like being in heaven and just could not stop smiling… And no, I did not take any drugs :D


Although I am normally quite good with words, I don’t think there is any expression that would perfectly describe my feelings. You just HAVE to try it. This feeling is just amazing and I definitely wanna do it again and again – AND AGAIN. :)

So, whenever you are in Lanzarote, try to schedule this one in, ’cause it’s a pretty unique, pretty awesome experience!


photo credentials: V’s World, Famaraiso

video: V’s World, Famaraiso, shot with a GoPro