vhIt’s no secret that I am an adrenaline junkie. My mom always tells me it’s cause I am a typical Aries that puts the emphasis on action, so if I am unable to do something about whatever is causing me stress, it will only make me even more crazy. Well, I assume she is right – I can’t really meditate or calm myself down with yoga, I mostly need some action to blow off steam, plus I am pretty adventurous – I agree, not always the best combination, which is why my parents are always worried when I am leaving for another one of my trips.

However, I am pretty good at handling risks and am never reckless. I am (almost) always well prepared, got the right equipment, carry an emergency kit with me etc. But it does happen that I sometimes ignore the signs of my body and push myself too hard – there are times when I just can’t get enough and wanna get higher, faster, further till my muscles are all sore, my legs are shaking, I am totally out of breath and feel absolutely free… Yeah, I know, it’s a bit insane, but hey, I never said I am a perfect person :D.

I have to admit that there are times when I am not as precautious as I should be – it happens extremely rarely, but it does happen. And it did happen during my trip to Lanzarote. I was on one of my “adrenaline highs” and totally ignored the risks of my last scuba dive ’cause I just wanted to feel this little kick. And I immediately got my comeuppance, since I wasn’t listening to my body and did not take good care of myself: I needed to abort my dive and felt extremely off – I knew that something wasn’t right, but I couldn’t really grap it at that time. I ignored all signs of my body, continued with my action and sports program, went on a 4.5 hour-flight and then it hit me big time: a total knock-out – sinus barotrauma, ear barotrauma, perforated eardrum, eustachian tube dysfunction, pharyngitis, vestibular disorder… JACKPOT!

Yesterday I received the news that I was lucky and probably won’t have to worry about any permanent damages, but I will no longer be cleared for scuba diving. If I really wanted to do it again, I would have to undergo some serious in-ear surgery, which I definitely won’t!! But it’s alright… – I am VERY thankful for my guardian angels out there ’cause I am well aware of the dangerous situation I put myself in!!

Do I have any regrets? Never! I think everything happens for a reason! And I cherish every single moment I got to spend under water, feeling like a little mermaid… especially my time out at the Great Barrier Reef – just magical!! <3

IMG_4696Have I learned something? Absolutely! I promise to take better care of myself and will at least try to listen to my body more often. And I also promise that my next trip is going to be to some mountain spa :)

So, that’s my personal story on my last scuba dive… I decided to cross this one off my list, but will always remember it as a beautiful, magical experience – something I’ll never forget!! :)


photo credentials: V’s World