10690206_10204324884177626_3644376968461058601_nIt’s this time of the year, where my little “romance gene” is coming through. It’s like there is a little switch in my head that is automatically turned on in the middle of October, when the days get shorter, the weather colder and Thanksgiving is coming closer. I regulary cozy up to my fireplace, go to the movies almost every week, watch LOTS of Disney DVDs and focus on the little things in life that make me happy such as beautiful flowers, trying out new recipes, spending a lovely evening with friends, playing board games, reading a good book – just things like that. But then there is also this feeling of homesickness…


Figuratively speaking, I have two hearts beating in my chest ’cause there are two places in the world that I actually consider to be my home. One in Germany and one on the other side of the big pond. Some of my oldest and closest friends live in the U.S. as well as some of my folks who also became part of my family. If you have ever lived at different places for a long time – I mean really lived there, not just spending a long vacation – then you know what I mean. I grew up travelling and have lived at many places all over the world, always trying to figure out where I belong, where I feel at home and the answer was pretty simple: home is where your heart is and where your friends and family are.

So, just a few weeks before Thanksgiving I get a bit emotional and miss my folks and friends on the other side of the big pond, especially when I am not able to come visit like this year. Thanksgiving in Germany is just not the same…

And you probably all know what’s coming up now: yeah, whenever I feel a bit emotional or just incredibly happy, I listen to some really good music. This is my little “feeling homesick playlist” for today’s Music Monday.


video source: YouTube

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