The best way to survive a Monday is to plan your next vacation :-). I’ve been working like crazy for the past months. Although I travelled a lot, it was solely on business and extremely stressful. Thus, I am more than happy that I finally managed to take one week off in the beginning of October to simply do (almost) nothing: just relaxing, reading a book, swimming, hiking, lots of wellness and sun bathing, no internet, no phone calls, no instagram, FB or twitter.



spa_6Since I travel so much on business, and mostly long distance, I wanted to go somewhere close in Europe, where it’s still warm and where I can pamper myself. Usually I don’t really book any package or all expense tours, but I have to admit, that this time I was soooooo lazy. I wanted to find a cozy place, a luxury hotel & spa where I can refuel my energy and at the same time write a personal travel story for you guys. Thus, I contacted the team from, an online travel agency/platform, and asked for recommendations. And no, I did not get paid by them, nor did I get a voucher for my holiday – I simply used their customer service and contacted them via Facebook, since I just had no clue where to look at. I did not wanna fly to Turkey, Mallorca or Greece, neither to all the other traditional tourist hot spots. Within 24 hours they sent me a message with awesome recommendations that perfectly matched my ideas. Seriously, thumbs up for their customer service and their help. Now I am no longer that skeptical regarding package tours.

Although I decided to pick a different hotel, I am very thankful for their recommendation and am now counting the days till I am leaving for LANZAROTE!



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