As promised, I will keep posting more personal stories, since you really seem to like them. Thus, I decided to share some thoughts on our inner beauty with you. To me, EVERY person on earth has something beautiful: it can be your voice, your hands, your eyes, your smile, and even your little “flaws”. For me, it would be my extremely ugly feet, my nasal humps and bumps, or my tiny hands. Perfection is so incredibly boring! Every single one of you is unique, not only on the inside, but also on the outside – and that is what makes you beautiful.

I know, we all have these days when we look at an awful picture of us or in the mirror, that we just cannot stand ourselves and would love to hide underneath a blanket. But seriously, this is preposterous! Don’t always just look at one facet, since there is so much more. More inner beauty, more outer beauty – try to reinvent yourself. – This is actually, what I do quite often. I discovered so many different facets of me so that I regularly love to experiment with my looks as you can see in the gallery below. And when I look at these pictures, there are many photos where I just can’t stand myself or were I look ten years older than I am or where I think I look fat etc., but then I just try to focus on one tiny thing I like. :-)

But please, don’t try to be perfect, ’cause this would just mean, that you are nothing but a perfectly beautiful, symmetrical shell, with no depth, no character, no charisma, nothing. There are so many facets of beauty, but it’s surely not about creating a facade with radiant hair, unblemished skin or a thin body.

So, I say: screw the dishonest portrayal of women’s beauty in the media and please just stay as you are, ’cause you are ALL beautiful!


photo credentials: V’s World