A few years ago I read an inspiring article in the New York Times on Riga, the capital and largest city of Latvia, where author Jon Fasman wrote about his personal experience: spending 36 hours in a vibrant city with stunning art deco architecture and a bit of Baltic optimism. Ever since, Riga has been on my travel bucket list.


Fluß Daugava - Kopie

Blick auf Jurmala Beach


I have to admit, that I still haven’t managed to discover this inspiring Latvian beauty, since it was not among my personal top 20, but I think it’s time to move it up a bit on my list! A few days ago the Riga Tourism Development Bureau (RTDB) has announced the launch of a new Riga advertising campaign, “Celebrity Couch”. Its main heroes will be Riga patriots with a unique and creative perspective on the city: fashion blogger Agnese Kleina, chef Mārtiņš Sirmais, DJ Artūrs Mednis, former Prime Minister Māris Gailis, mini-drome racing world champion Toms Alsbergs and music group “Instrumenti”. During the campaign, these individuals will host six foreigners, providing them with an insider’s view of the city.

Darn, I really forgot about this incredibly inspiring and creative crowd in Latvia and think, I should truly consider a little weekend getaway to Riga. And who knows, maybe I’ll even have a chance to meet up with some of the patriots from the campaign, sittin’ on the “celebrity couch” (figuratively), drinking coffee and having a nice little chat with Agnese or DJ Artūrs Mednis.


AGNESE KLEINAAnyhow, no matter when I’ll travel to Latvia or if I’ll manage to have a private chat with some of their celebrities, I’ll surely have a look at their favorite places to plan my trip – whenever it might be.


photo credentials: Riga Tourism Development Bureau