I’ve lived in many cities and travelled to lots of places all over the world, till I finally found my happy place: in 2009 I declared Munich as my hometown. I first moved here in 2003, had some ups and downs, left the city for a few years and then realized that this is the city where I wanna have my home base.

I have my best friends all around me, fell totally in love with the mountains, don’t wanna miss my morning or evening runs along the river Isar, my soccer moments at the Allianz Arena or some awesome days at the surfing hot spot right at the English Garden, and, most importantly, my heart tells me that this is the place where I should be.

Bahlsen_Summer_Moments (10)Of course, there are many prejudices about this city, especially about the fancy pants crowd, new money youngsters or wannabe celebrities, but let me tell you, it’s quite easy to avoid them ;-). Although my work environment takes place in this glamorous media and celebrity world, in my free time, you won’t find me at any of these VIP events or clubs. Instead, you’ll spot me most likely at the river bank chillin’ and spending some high quality time with my beloved ones or at some other great indoor and outdoor spots in the city.

1965631_481684545296866_6335822171116423296_oYes, you can say, I am absolutely in love with Munich! Thus, it’s no wonder I support local brands or designers who also share their love for this beautiful city. A few days ago I came across the brand “Suck my shirt“: five guys who also fell in love with the city and wanna share this with a unique, limited t-shirt collection. They just got straight to the point with their first summer collection and my favorite slogan: “Mia san f… mia” (engl: “We are who we are”).


10329775_471331866332134_2781943945097216483_oI say: hell yes. Let’s support these folks and share our love for the most beautiful city in the world ’cause this is freakin’ home!


photo credentials: V’s World, Suck my Shirt

video source: YouTube