pic 1Last week I announced our tiny re-launch of our fashion category to let you know that from now on we will link it more to our travel and lifestyle section. And voilá, looks like designer Rebekka Ruétz heard our calling and introduced her new spring summer collection 2015 under the title “A suitcase full of dreams” – the perfect motto for all fashionable jetsetters out there. <3

The Spring/Summer 2015 collection by rebekka ruétz is titled “A suitcase full of dreams“. The collection captivates with eye-catching drapery art in a big variety. Sophisticated leather accessories keep up the drapery and ornament the waistline as statement belts. In contrary goes the basic look combined with large pieces. Third element is the clean elegance without any extremes. The materials use range from premium leather imitation, finest silk, cotton and matt laminated jersey. The range of colours is dominated by bright and lightly pastel colours of opal-white, lightly rose, mauve, peach-rose, mint-green, forrest-green, dust-grey and ink-black. Polyamide stitched fabrics cause glimmering and iridescent accents. Another special detail are modern batik highlights in flashy orange and stripe optic.” (Rebekka Ruétz)

I did not attend the show myself, since I am still on my travels, but just received all the images of the show and immediately fell in love with these three outfits.



451840554So, who knows, maybe next year, I will do my own personal jetsetter story on Rebekka Ruétz and fashion trends from Austria ;-)


photo credentials: Getty Images / Rebekka Ruétz Press Images