SurfWorld Museum TorquayI’ve been a fan of surf style and culture ever since I was a teenager. I myself pretty much suck at surfing, but I totally admire this competitive sport and digg its lifestyle. Whether it’s in Europe, Australia or on the Cape Verde islands, I always try to spot some unique surfing spots – no matter where I travel. Southern Australia is still on my travel wish list and maybe someday I’ll get the chance to go on one of the great touring routes and explore the most amazing surfing hot spots.

One must see will definitely be the Surf World Torquay – the largest surfing and beach culture museum in the world. It is recognised as one of “the most significant centres of world surfing heritage”, by the International Surfing Association and features a live surfboard shaping bay, an exciting ‘board room’ and a theatre that screens some of the world’s best surf and travel films.

Totally love it!


photo and video credentials: Surf World Torquay, Great Southern Touring Route Australia