Bild1“From award-winning filmmaker Mark Waters this visual gem is a sensory and cinematic masterpiece that takes us on a voyage and delves into the true meaning of surf travel. Journeying through Indonesia from the crowded points of Bali to the isolation of The Mentawai islands, this film captures the joys and the pains of exploration, and the rewards that will stay with you long after the journey is over. It is a film to stir the soul and stoke the wanderlust and, showcasing some deepest, sweetest tube rides, it’ll have you packing your bags for your own Indian Ocean voyage of discovery.”

I watched The Salt Trail last night and it was totally mind-blowing – this feeling of freedom and passion is just amazing.

The Salt Trail // A self funded feature surf/travel film by Mark Waters.
The Salt Trail website //
Producer // Director // Cinematographer // Editor // Mark Waters
Travel Buddy // Motivator // tripod carrier (sometimes) // Ice Breaker // Smiler – Sunnie Powles
Arial Footage -Vít Hašek // Pilot- Daniel Pék-
Trailer Song | Zack Hemsey – Facing Demons


photo credentials: screenshot YouTube