I actually wanted to do a beauty special on the new RITUALS spring collection, which will be available soon. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the special event hosted in Munich, Germany, at the Cortiina Hotel due to some unplanned changes in my schedule :-(. I guess, this is the downside of being a jetsetter – sometimes you just can’t make it to some occasions you were actually really looking forward to.

However, I still wanna introduce two of their products, which made it on my current beauty love list:


Combines the gentle fragrance of White Lotus with the nourishing properties of Yi Yi Ren, traditionally used in Chinese medicine and is a rich & nourishing body cream that leaves the skin feeling silky soft.

Sakura body scrub

This is definitely my favorite body scrub and the perfect treatment to get ready for spring season – this way I get rid of my old skin cells and prepare my body for a nice tan :-) This organic sugar body scrub is specially developed to nourish and revitalise even the driest of skins and makes it feel soooooooooo soft <3

 Sakura Scrub

Alright, I gotta admit I still hope to try the latest products from the Sakura and Tao series, but till then, I will surely stick to my lovelies :-)


photo credentials: V’s World