I’ve always been into surfing. Not sure if it was the cool crowd, these extremely well-toned beach boys or just this incredible spirit – it just inspired me. Thus, every time I travel along any coast, I just have to stop and watch the surfers riding the biggest waves. I cannot really surf myself, but I definitely dream about it #foolishdreams ;-)

If you are ever in the Lisbon area, you HAVE to check out the Lisbon Estoril Coast. The Lisbon/Estoril coast attracts surfers from around the world to feast on its wave-rich shores. To the seasoned surfer, it represents a variety of great waves, consistent swells, and incredible surf culture, combined with magical natural landscapes. The coastline of Costa do Estoril starts at Carcavelos beach, 15 kms from the Capital City of Lisbon, and goes all the way to Guincho – a 30 minute scenic drive on the “Marginal” along the coast, through to the picturesque historic fishing town of Cascais, a hub of variety and diversion.

It doesn’t matter whether you are into surfing or not, it’s just incredibly beautiful…


photo credentials: V’s World

video source: YouTube