Veronica Mars_movieOh man, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this moment: Last week they finally launched the movie Veronica Mars – definitely one highlight, since I was totally in love with the TV show.

On the eve of graduating law school, Veronica Mars has put Neptune and her amateur sleuthing days behind her. While interviewing at high-end New York law firms, Veronica Mars gets a call from her ex-boyfriend Logan who has been accused of murder. Veronica heads back to Neptune just to help Logan find an attorney, but when things don’t seem right with how Logan’s case is perceived and handled, Veronica finds herself being pulled back into a life she thought she had left behind. (offical site)

This movie offers enough sharp writing and solid performances to entertain viewers in the mood for a character-driven thriller, even for non-fans of the TV show.


photo credentials: official movie site

video source: YouTube