Last year I spent most of the time travelling and only got to spend eight weeks at home – for the rest of the time, I mostly stayed at different hotels in different countries or even spent a few nights at some airports. This year, I only had one resolution, spending more time with my beloved ones and focussing on major trips.

Thus, I decided to give a little sneak peek of my travel plans 2014 so far and what to expect during the next three, four months. Of course, there will always be some personal stuff from New York as well as from Germany (mainly Munich and Berlin), but I got some major stories coming up:

February: Atlantic City and London

March: Ireland

April: Lisbon

May: Australia.

So, if you have any special tips or requests, please drop me an email or contact me directly via our social media channels. I got a special feeling that 2014 is going to be an exciting and challenging year and I hope you will love my personal travel stories and follow my updates online!


photo credentials: V’s World