Alright, during the Thanksgiving holidays it was pretty warm outside in Manhattan, way above average – people went out for a stroll in central park without having to wear a winter jacket or enjoyed the last rays of sunshine at the boardwalk down at the financial district.

BUT these cozy days seem to be over ’cause it got so freaking cold so that you can either dress up like a “marshmallow monster” wearing these huge down coats or go for at least a little bit of style with a warm parka AND comfy boots.


1499423_578790588863073_1223164873_nI decided to pick the latter and put on this stylish parka by mint&berry, which I ordered at Zalando. It’s definitely a classic which keeps you warm throughout these cold days.

For me, it was important to find a longer jacket that I can combine with different styles: a little more dressy for work or pretty comfy when being outdoor. I think, it was even the perfect jacket when taking the limo to our family get-together. It kept me warm and actually did not look bad at all over my little black dress. (#selfie alert ;-))


So, I hope you lovely folks stay warm as well and have a wonderful Sunday!


photo credentials: V’s World