It’s a well-known fact that girls are crazy about chocolate – but did you know men are as well? A few weeks ago I already wrote about the German BIOSpitzenköche (top organic chefs) who introduce delicious and easy to cook dishes from different regions in Germany. In their videos they tell us about the respective organic food  and how to prepare it, hosted by Alexa Iwan – nutritional adviser and ambassador of this organic food campaign.

AND, since I am a huge chocolate fan as well I would like to share this yummy recipe with my German folks.

Sweet and spicy, that’s I exactly how I love it and I think that could actually be a neat surprise for my folks in New York. Maybe I could try this over Thanksgiving weekend and surprise my family with it.

Anyways, I think this recipe is great for everyone with a sweet tooth :-)

So, stay as sweet and lovely as you are and have a wonderful week, everyone!


photo and video credentials: Ökologischer Landbau und andere Formen nachhaltiger Landwirtschaft (BÖLN)