Bild8My personal countdown to Black Friday has officially started: three more weeks till my biggest shopping marathon of the year may begin. :-) I will be back with my family in New York over Thanksgiving and among my family it’s sort of a tradition to go shopping together. Thus, I am so looking forward to the biggest sales during Black Friday.

Actually, you are pretty insane, if you go shopping that day, ’cause EVERYBODY is out there and the tourists are crazy. But I manage to find my way around and know when to go where at what time to avoid the biggest crowds. Besides, after the weekend, we go to Atlantic City and hope to win some money back we spent ;-) #CrazyFamily

So, I already put together a personal Christmas Wishlist on Pinterest, hoping to find some of the pieces or something similar. Maybe you’ll find some shopping inspirations as well on my list?

Anyhow, have a wonderful weekend!


photo credentials: Pinterest