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Making Organic lifestyle choices is part of a growing trend, and finding organic food to feed your family has never been easier. Many people are taking advantage of sources of organic products in their local area.

They have been told that organic living, and health giving food can provide health benefits, and benefits to the environment, as it is grown without the use of inorganic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. And I have to admit that I am one of these believers. :-)

In this article I don’t wanna judge or point fingers, neither do I wanna start a political discussion, I simply wanna share my own thoughts. In my opinion you can easily switch to organic living, and you don’t really have to look any further than your local stores and markets to find what you want. Start by reading food labels and look for some of the staples like milk, bread and potatoes. It is very difficult to get a totally balanced diet from organics alone but I think it is worth a try.

For our German folks I would like to recommend the following website: There you’ll learn much more about organic lifestyle choices, this rapidly growing sector of agriculture, organic growers groups and basically just anything related to easy, healthy and environmentally friendly food choices.

What I especially like is their current video campaign on healthy organic food: “Bio – aus der Region. Genuss pur”. There they introduce delicious and easy to cook dishes from different regions in Germany: German “BIOSpitzenköche” (organic top chefs) tell us about the respective organic food and how to prepare it, hosted by Alexa Iwan – nutritional adviser and ambassador of this organic food campaign.

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All in all they will publish six cooking videos offering pretty yummy recipes. Unfortunately, I am not one of the best cooks, but maybe I can spot some foodies who will cook some of the meals by following a recipe.

Below you’ll find the first video where they introduced tapas from the Palatinate Forest:

Boy, this sounds so YUMMY. Now, aren’t you inspired to cook an organic meal yourself? It’s easy to make, healthy and even good for the environment :-) Maybe I can do it myself some time this week, IF I find the ingredients here on the island. I mean, since I am currently in Spain, I HAVE to try these  tapas – don’t you think?

Let me know what you think about organic food and this video campaign as well as of the inspiring recipes. As always, you can dm me, send me an email or contact me via the respective social media channels.

Till then, have a wonderful and inspiring week!


photo and video credentials: Ökologischer Landbau und andere Formen nachhaltiger Landwirtschaft (BÖLN)