DSC_0022Over the weekend I experienced one of these rare jetsetter moments. While chatting with my lovely friend Andrea last week, we found out that we both would be at Munich airport at around the same time. So, we spontaneously decided to hook up at the airport to kill some time in between the flights.

We both are truly passionate about travelling and discovering new places. Andrea loves planning new trips with her husband and I am always on the road discovering the latest trends or attending any business meetings. Thus, I was more than happy that this time we actually got to spend some time together at the airport before catching the next train or plane and shared some great moments together: girl’s chitchat, summer cocktails and lots and lots of fun.

I have to admit that normally I try to spend as little time as possible at airports, especially since time is such a precious gift. But due to our wonderful cooperation with Bahlsen, I had the chance to actually enjoy myself, together with my friend Andrea.

Since we both had a few hours to kill, we had this crazy idea to do a fashion photoshoot right at these old airplanes you get to explore at the visiting platform at Besucherpark. This rather nostalgic setting cried out for a crazy posing in front of the camera. I mean, why shouldn’t we have some fun instead of sitting in the boring waiting area, staring at some television screens. When we had this chance to meet at the airport, we wanted to have a great time and this spontaneously photoshoot was just awesome!  Andrea was a wonderful model and I got to play the part of the photographer, which I loved.

Summer Moments with Bahlsen

After our little photo session we took a break at surf & style, a surfing event located directly at the airport. I don’t know, somehow it looks like surfing hot spots keep following me during our summer moments photo shoot. Maybe it’s a hint that I should book another surfing trip to Bilbao or Hawaii or that I should do a surfing story. Not quite sure, yet. But this time we actually didn’t care about the surfer boys and rather exchanged our latest gossip news. Sitting at the water with a nice, fresh breeze was just great before we got back into the air-conditioned building.

Summer Moments with Bahlsen

Afterwards we did some duty free shopping – I always manage to find the best beauty deals at the duty free stores – and had to say goodbye. It was one of these typical “girl hugs” and I gotta say that both of us went to our final destination with a huge smile on our face.

Summer Moments with Bahlsen

For me personally, it has now become sort of a tradition to always carry along some of these delicious ABC cookies, ’cause they simply make me feel at home during my travels and it always makes me remember this great jetsetter moment I got to share with my friend. Man, I really love these summer moments with Bahlsen :)


photo credentials: V’s World

product placement: Bahlsen