Most of you know that I enjoy my life as a jetsetter travelling around the world. I spend most of my time in hotels and airplanes and airports are sort of my second home. For many people, travelling is stressful and they are more than happy when they are back home or at their final travel destination. For me, it’s not – mainly because I manage to find my way almost anywhere, I get my beauty sleep on a long distance flight and I also have my special tricks to get around quite easily. But this is another story :-)

One of the most important things probably is not to judge by price alone when booking a flight! When you consider a long-haul flight as a by-the-hour experience, a higher cost on a decent flight on a comfortable aircraft with a stellar entertainment system and good food may start to seem fairly attractive when compared to a hellish flight on a cramped aircraft with overhead screens showing bad movies.

Take stock of your options carefully when weighing price vs. amenities; if you are going to be on a plane for a total of 30 hours coming and going, and it costs an extra EUR 150 to get a better flight on a better airline, ask yourself if you would pay EUR5/hour for a much better seat, with better food, better movies and better service. Well, I always would! And this is exactly the reason why I mostly arrive all rested and happy, wherever I go.

These are my top 3 airlines for international flights:

Singapore Airlines - Top 3 Airlines in the World

1. Singapore Airlines

This is by far my all-time favorite airline. When I travel on business, I cannot always choose, but for me personally, every time I book a flight back to New York, I always fly with Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines has been readers’ overall favorite for almost two centuries. The airline came out on top in every category: cabin comfort, food, in-flight service, customer service, and value. The 32-inch seat pitch in economy class helps, as do the flight attendants, famous for their above-and-beyond service and sarong and kebaya uniforms. Bedtime turndown service is even part of the flying experience for those with pockets deep enough to book the A380 first-class suites that feature sliding doors, 23-inch TVs, and stand-alone beds hand-stitched by master Italian craftsmen Poltrona Frau.

Normally I am very good with words, but in this case, believe me when I tell you that you just have to experience it on your own and afterwards, you never wanna fly with any other airline again. On Pinterest you see some of the impressions from last year’s flight on the upper deck when I kindly asked the crew, if I could take some pictures.

I also convinced my whole family. When my mom joined me last year, she was immediately hooked so that she does not wanna go on any other airplane when flying over the big pond. Even when flying Economy, each flight was top notch. :-)

2. Turkish Airlines

If you ever need/want to travel within Europe, this is your airline you wanna fly with. I flew with them from Munich to Istanbul and from Istanbul to North Cyprus on an airbus – they had the most comfortable seats, legroom, and recline and their own cook on board. For a three-hour flight, not bad at all!

3. Swissair

Within short distances in German speaking countries, I prefer Swissair. Check in is efficient and courteous and the cabin is very clean with spacious leg room. I never had any problems and it’s all smooth.

So, next time when you book your flight or search for a vacation, think twice before automatically booking one of the low-cost airlines. Most of the time, it’s so not worth it and you don’t have to wonder when you arrive all tired and stressed out at your final destination.


photo credentials: V’s World, Richard Moross (flickr), Creative Commons 2.0