Normally, we don’t really write about commercial, marketing stuff. But we just had to share this amazing campaign by Sennheiser: Sound Meets Fashion. To celebrate the launch of their new MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones, Sennheiser impressed us with quite a different approach for a new campaign. Instead of doing the usual, uninspired marketing shots with professional models, they invited three established fashion bloggers from different countries to art direct and model in a series of shoots, celebrating the synthesis between style and sound.

Renowned photographer Alexander Gnädinger worked with Luke from Fashionbeans, Haleigh from Making Magique and Anna from to create personal portraits reflecting the colors and the style of the new MOMENTUM On-Ear, which makes this campaign more real and authentic than ever.

“It was very interesting to work with the three different bloggers, to look at them, learn from them, work with their style and then jointly create a personal portrait, related to fashion, music and the new Sennheiser headphones.” (Alexander Gnädinger, fashion and lifestyle photographer)

We simply LOVE this new concept and hope to see similar campaigns in the near future ’cause in our opinion, this is what consumers like: being able to relate to somebody, become part of the experience, share the excitement and actually get hooked by a real, authentic story. Thumbs up!


source: Sennheiser / YouTube