Sennheiser_MOMENTUM On-Ear_all colours (1)In our fashion section we already introduced this incredibly inspiring campaign for the new Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones. I am personally a huge fan of this brand. For me, Sennheiser stands for high quality products, excellent sound and acoustic as well as state-of-the art technology.

Every time I go on my travels, my personal MOMENTUM is one of THE most important travel essentials in my bag. I simply cannot picture a life without music and would never survive a long flight with horrible acoustic.

However, I gotta admit that I LOVE the new line. The newest addition to Sennheiser’s MOMENTUM family debuts in a palette of fresh, pastel colors that’s right in step with the latest fashion collections. Right now I am even thinking about getting the new MOMENTUM on-ear in pink ’cause it would just totally match most of my outfits. Besides, I am always up for some color for my accessories.

So, maybe when you see me next time travelling on some plane, I will probably travel in style with my new pink headphones :-)


photo credentials: Sennheiser