It takes big huevos for an MC to name their song after Public Enemy‘s agit-rap landmark. But there you go. Spitting bare-knuckle rhymes over turret-gun electro-beats, she’s still hurling psychedelic firebombs (“do ya like my perfume? Made it at home with gasoline and ‘shrooms”) and shouting down Babylon (“it’s not me and you, it’s the fucking banks!”). And she can still get surprisingly gorgeous, as on the haunting bhangra-styled outro. In short, she sounds hungry, always a good quality in a rapper. So, is she chanting “freedom!”, “free them!” or “freak them!” on the chorus? Probably all of the above.  (source:, Will Hermes)

We are not quite sure, if we like M.I.A. “Bring the Noize” and thus need to listen to it more often to make a final decision.