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One month ago we introduced our collaboration with Surania, the only brand that enables customers to design their own swimwear to be tailored. V was the lucky one from our editorial staff to actually try it and had herself made a perfect, custom made bikini with SURANIA.

“Normally, it’s a nightmare to shop for a new bikini. I have to admit that I am very picky regarding style, design and fabrics so that I always look at more lasting, quality fabrics in order to feel confident and comfortable when wearing my swimwear.

But it’s quite difficult to find a bikini off the rack that matches all my requirements: a unique design that almost no-one has, style and fabrics that allow me to wear it at the pool, for some sunbathing or snorkling in the sea AND that also reflects sort of my personalty and enhances my figure at the same time.

Thus, I had pretty high expectations when I ordered my custom made bikini at SURANIA and have to say: I was not disappointed at all!

The order process was pretty simple: four easy steps till you can push the order button.

1. Select the piece you would like to design. – I picked the custom made bikini for the perfect fit.

2. Pick your favorite style for top and bottom. – I went for a ruffled bandeau bikini top with adjustable bottom. Bandeau tops are really flattering on an hourglass figure and the adjustable bottom guarantees a perfect fit for almost any occasion.

3. Select the fabrics and accessories for your bikini as well as the color. – Well, since it should reflect my personality and enhance my beautiful summer teint, I went for neon pink (composition: 80% PE 20% EA).

4. Enter your measurements. – Normally I would pick a regular dress size, but I thought, I would be safe, if I put down my real measurements to guarantee a perfect fit.

And that’s already it. Afterwards you simply push the order button, add your address and payment details and you will receive your custom made bikini within two weeks.

When I received my beautiful new bikini, I was immediately hooked – the fabrics are extraordinary, the design simply beautiful and, most importantly, it fits like a second skin. For me personally, it was probably the best bikini purchase I’ve ever made.

I tested the new bikini for the last four weeks and really challenged the fabrics during our stay in North Cyprus. Our bikini model Melanie wore it in the pool, in chlorine water, went sunbathing afterwards and then – just two hours later -jumped into the sea, going snorkling. No matter what we tried, it was always a perfect fit and the fabrics surely passed our endurance test.

In the gallery above you see our personal highlights from our bikini experience in North Cyprus and I had a great time playing the photographer for once.

All in all, since summer break is finally here and most of you are probably still looking for the perfect beach and swimwear, I can strongly recommend SURANIA (no, I don’t get paid for saying this ;-)), ‘cause due to the perfect fit it not only saves you further trouble, you also have a unique style you can show off at the beach or the nearest pool bar.

So, I say: go for it and enjoy this beautiful summer, ladies!”


photo credentials: V’s World