Next Friday one of friends celebrates her birthday and I was still looking for a nice, lovely summer accessory to add to my main present – a cute little friendship bracelet.

And then I came across the famous Cruciani bracelets and thought, this is it: the cute four-leaf clover bracelet. All over the world a symbol of hope, unexpected joy and good luck, the four-leaf clover is associated with new and happy events. Given its rarity, many people consider the plant a sacred species and a powerful good luck charm. Bringing luck for both those who find it and those who receive it as a gift. According to tradition, each leaf represents a particular quality: the first being reputation, the second wealth, the third health and the fourth true love.

I know, we are not 14 anymore, but it is more like a symbol of friendship and, furthermore, a perfect, vibrantly colored accessory that compliments any outfit – it can be worn with a T-shirt or an elegant suit, and will always be admired by all!

So, the Cruciani bracelet ist perfect birthday gift, don’t you think?


photo credentials: Cruciani