The Cape Verde Islands are some of the most captivating and beautiful islands that you can visit – unspoilt and unaffected by commercialism. Some of the islands are barren and arid, whilst others have soaring mountains covered in lush, tropical vegetation. Here, you can find beautiful white sand beaches, combined with warm, turquoise blue, crystal clear seas.

average temperature during the windy months (Jan – March): 30 °C

average hours of sunshine during the windy months (Jan – March): 10

average sea temperature during the windy months (Jan – March): 24 °C

Traditionally the islands were difficult to get to and the tourist infrastructure was fairly basic. However, European holidaymakers have now started travelling to the islands. The islands will not stay unspoilt for ever, but for now, they are one of the best kept secrets for a holiday destination.

The Cape Verde Islands offer a new, exciting destination with an excellent year round climate, glorious sandy beaches, warm seas and under 6 hours flying time from Germany. The diverse islands have a rich history and culture with warm and friendly people, fantastic water sports, and excellent walking for all levels.

Travel Paradise Cape Verde Islands

It is possible to spend your entire holiday on just one island, enjoying the sunshine, wonderful cooling breezes and the unspoilt beaches – indeed no one would blame you. However, it would be a pity to travel to such a different destination and not take time to see and learn either a little about the island on which you are staying or taking a day trip to one of the other islands. In the gallery below you see my personal highlights from the island Sal.


photo credentials: V’s World, imke.stahlmann (flickr), Creative Commons 2.0