making magique

We are totally in love with Haleigh from Making Magique – an American girl in Paris. At 18 she moved abroad to make her way in the world and ended up in France to study and earn her bachelors in Global Communications. Paris is her home, but she considers herself a citizen of the world. She works as a freelance creative content producer and community manager, always with a  passion for social media and telling stories through her photos, words, and films.

For us, Haleigh from Making Magique is a tiny version of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. From unique Parisian outfits to sartorial statements, to travels, to chance encounters with noteworthy women, “Making Magique” is a notebook of creative and fashionable things worth sharing.

If you ever look for any inspirations in Paris, far from the traditional touristy locations, you should definitely check out Haleigh’s recommendations.

And her Parisian stories are truly magical: Life my friends is full of the daily grind, work and commutes, bosses and bullies. Between that all are our glimpses of our freedoms, our moments of pure bliss and true romance, pretty little messes and picture perfect perfections. This is the magique worth remembering, the moments worth documenting, the memories worth sharing. We each have those stories and these are some of mine.”

We could not agree more and hope you enjoy exploring this kind of magic on Haleigh’s blog.


photo credentials: makingmagique.com