Paris: Where You Can Find the Best Clothing Brands - - sponsored post

Paris: Where You Can Find the Best Clothing Brands - - sponsored post

When it comes to fashion, Paris is the perfect place to find the best clothing brands from head to toe. Being home to the world’s renowned designers like Coco Chanel, Gaultier, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, you have the ultimate freedom to choose from hundreds of unique designs to complete your wardrobe. Since spring is finally here, it’s about time to dress up with all these lovely, thematic spring wear collections we saw during various runway fashion shows. If in Sweden it is believed that when it comes to fashion “less is more,” then it’s the opposite in France. The idea of French fashion is to upstage both the wearer and his or her fashion statement.

This spring season, flashing stripes and floral prints are a huge trend. In order to be noticed in the crowd, wearing bold prints is suggested especially if you are going to series of parties or casino nights. Bold prints will get you noticed and might help you land a good poker table, unlike if you’re wearing a simple outfit. Conny from Fashionvictress and Sarah from Josie Loves recently inspired us with some wonderful outfits for a perfect casino night themselves.

After reading so many posts about glamorous casino nights in France, we decided to add it to our travel list this summer as well. But first we not only need a perfect outfit, we also have to practice some real poker so that we don’t embarrass ourselves when going to famous casinos like Aviation Club de France, Casino Alvignac, Casino de Font Romeu or Monte Carlo Casino. And that is exactly why we now frequently hook up to play online poker at – it is the perfect training. One cool thing about the website is that it also features a social and community section where one can find both poker and fashion enthusiasts.

With this, you can exchange fashion ideas and ask for online advice. Together, you can purchase both new and hand-me-down fashionable labels in Paris. And since it is quite expensive to get the latest Dior clothes with floral designs  as being showcased in the Paris Spring fashion week, you can always look for similar styles in different clothing brands around Paris in various budget-friendly boutiques or on online shopping sites such as La Redoute.

We already received some fine tips from our folks in Paris and cannot wait to explore more insights soon. And, of course, we will definitely keep you posted on our poker skills and our upcoming trip to a casino. :-)


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