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My life as a jetsetter often puts my hair under a lot of stress caused by long distance flights, many different stylings involving a curling iron or straightener throughout the week or location changes from very cold to extremely hot and sunny. I was regularly plagued by bad hair days with static-induced frizz or moisture-starved tresses.

profile photo Vanessa Hülse
profile photo Vanessa Hülse

Thus, I was very delighted when I received my personal “hair-survival kit” from TONI & GUY. They already inspired me with their “Hair Meet Wardrobe” philosophy that believes in the total finished look and dressing from head and toe – I guess, a philosophy every beauty addict and fashionista can relate to ‘cause we all know style isn’t just about the clothes you wear. Hence, their hair styling products are neatly divided into looks as varied such as Casual, Classic and Glamour, supplemented by the Prep hair collection. I was very excited to see what the fuzz is all about and received the following hair styling products by TONI & GUY: Spritz & Shine Liquid Mousse (Glamour), Firm Hold Hairspray (Glamour), Sea Salt Texturising Spray (Casual), Sculpting Powder (Casual), Shine Gloss Serum (Classic), Heat Protection Mist (Prep) and Dry Shampoo (Prep).

The Prep range features a variety of specialist hairdryers and an innovative Infusion Straightener, featuring a Unique Conditioning Treatment Reservoir designed to be filled up with Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist to infuse into the hair whilst styling. I actually cannot imagine styling my hair without it, especially when I have to use a straightener or curling iron. After using the Heat Protection Mist for quite some time now, my hair is less dry and  feels much softer. The Dry Shampoo is great for a day 2 freshness. I always use it to add texture and volume to flat, fine hair or to make freshly washed, fly-away hair more manageable. The advanced formula leaves no white residue.

The Glamour collection is for creating head-turning styles for big nights out, with wavers and jumbo curling tongs. This is probably my favorite hair styling range, since I love to dress up from head to toe with glamorous waves as you can see in the gallery above. Whenever I have a big night coming up, I go for the Spritz & Shine Liquid Mousse to create smooth loose curls and waves with light-reflective shine and polish from root to tip. Afterwards, I use the ultra-fixing Firm Hold Hairspray that gives invisible hold and a protective frizz-free finish. This makes my look last all night long.

The Casual collection is for a very laid back look and I have to admit that I use these products on a daily basis. The Sea Salt Texturising Spray creates texture and body with light to medium hold and is suitable for all hair types. The Sculpting powder is definitely another one of my favorites: it gives volume and body to my hair with a “lived in” feel though a fresh, matte finish – totally love it! So, whether its hot beach waves or just a cool out-of-bed look, for me these products belong in every woman’s beauty case.

The Shine Gloss Serum is the only one I wasn’t really happy with, but mainly ‘cause I am not a fan of these polished looks from high shine. But that’s just my personal taste.

So, for those of you who either have troubled hair like me or just wanna try something totaly new, these are the products from TONI & GUY I can honestly recommend and I surely don’t wanna miss my new “hair survival kit”!


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