…”are a concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do. (…) These streets will make you feel brand new and big lights will inspire you!”

Hear it for New York, New York, New York!

Well, some say “New York is so 2010″! I say: New York is always worth a visit – no matter when. Somehow it feels like my second home and I always love to visit my friends and family abroad.

These are my all time favorites:

1. nymag.com/: when you are in New York, you should definitely check out this magazine; it gives you the inside scoop, publishes reviews of the latest bars and restaurants and basically hooks you up with the city that never sleeps

2. my favorite hotel in 2012/2013: Penthouse at Hudson New York

Hudson Hotel NY Sky Terrace

special tip: If you do not wanna spend so much money for a hotel or hostel, check out private accomodations for long-term stays (private short-term rental is illegal in New York) or check out the cheaper apartment options: www.frommers.com

3. Carnegie Hall – one of the best concert halls ever with amazing acoustics

4. Broadway – I am addicted to Broadway shows; for me, they are the best in the world. For those of you who are looking for cheap tickets online, check out this site: www.broadwaybox.com/cheapbroadwaytickets.aspx

5. best cheese cake in New York:  www.eileenscheesecake.com/aboutus.html in my favorite shopping district SoHo (I know, the website is horrible, but the cheese cake is delicious)

7. Central Park: I know, this is very cheesy and touristy, but I just love the romantic horse-drawn carriage rides through Central Park – just like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City

8. MoMa: I could spend hours in the Museum of Modern Art; you should definitely check out their own store across the street – there you’ll find some very neat design accessories

9. The Ocean:  It’s easy to forget that New York City is so accessible to the water. But you should not forget about the wonderful beaches – you’ll find a beach for a weekend visit or for a weekday beach escape. I have only been to Coney Island and to the Hamptons, but I will definitely check out more beaches: http://gonyc.about.com/od/summer/tp/New-York-City-Area-Beaches.htm

9. Yankee stadium – I just love the Yankees and baseball; not as much as American football, but still :-) – cheap tickets at: www.stubhub.com/

10. The view, baby, it’s the view: The Soho House is so 2008 – it was huge when Sex and the City was still on television but my favorite rooftop bars at this time are 230 Fifth and the Ava Lounge.


I cannot wait to check out more places in 2013: “street lights, big dreams – all looking pretty”. ♥