Rebekka Ruétz Autumn/Winter 2013/14

After two amazing shows by Hien Le and Lena Hoschek, Rebekka Ruétz literally rocked the runway with her motto: ”Panem et Circences – the new games of the 21st century.”

The creative Austrian designer presented a variety of soft dresses with round shirt collars, individual designs with tulip shapes and a very unusual mix of different materials such as velvet, silk, leather, loden and knitwear. It was always a combination of harmony and disharmony – that applies for the designs by playing with either soft colors and dark accents or soft and bulky materials as well as for the music: pretty loud hard rock, intercepted by a few soft violine sounds.

A lovely highlight and eyecatcher were the headdresses – beautiful creations by Candice Angelini with flowers and pearls that put a smile on a fashionista’s face.

All in all, a very unique show by Rebekka Ruétz.