Happy anniversary Kilian Kerner

Yesterday Berlin designer Kilian Kerner celebrated his 10th fashion show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. His designs polarize, so does he. However, we were always a fan of his creative and inspiring mindset. Surely, some of his designs are not really among our all time favorites, but we like what he has accomplished.

He started out creating rocking tees and was once “discovered” by an MTV stylist so that he was able to dress young MTV VJs with his first shirts. In 2008 he then presented his first fashion show and it’s quite impressive which way he has chosen to go and how he emerged as an actual designer.

His autumn/winter collection 2013/14 is probably his most androgynous one. His motto: “Tell me your name.” It was a bit melancholic, but in a good way. Underlined by tunes of the Berlin rock band “Tunes of Dawn”, he presented his clean, plain designs, inspired by the swinging sixties. His models all wore a bowl or pot cut, the women were dressed in boxy jackets and Breakfast-at-Tiffany’s suits and the boys showed off with slim suits, turtleneck sweaters and corduroy jackets.

Kilian Kerner also presented shining evening gowns – partly plain and simple, partly cubistic and exceptional. It fitted perfectly to the kind of seriousness and heaviness he wanted to express. All in all, a good show!