photos: Katie M.

Today I watched an interesting fashion PR chat with Elizabeth Holmes (Wall Street Journal Style Reporter), Kelly Cutrone (PR machine from People’s Revolution, American fashion publicist, television personality, and author) Aliza Licht (Senior Vice President of Global Communications Donna Karan) and Cannon Hodge (Social Media Manager at Bergdorf Goodman). Very inspiring! You can check it out here:

Kelly Cutrone said something very important and so very true: “You have to know where the game is. In the United States it’s Los Angeles and New York, in Europe it’s London, Paris, Milan and Moscow.” And that is exactly why we launched our own personal network and hooked up with our international friends and co-authors. I personally cover most stories in New York, London and Germany. One of my besties and co-blogger Katya is Italian so that she can bring us the inside scoop from her folks over there, Marta is originally from Poland and a real fashionista who is always looking for the latest trends from just anywhere, Julia and Bryan are actually from L.A. but are real jetsetters and fly around the world. Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone they don’t know :-) Marc is a very close friend from Munich who lived in Barcelona for quite some time and knows his way around as a professional photographer. Katie covers everything around Paris, since she currently started an internship abroad and thus also attended some of the Haute Couture shows for Spring Summer 2013 in Paris for us:

“For me, Paris is where the real magic happens in the fashion industry, especially when attending the Haute Couture Shows. I read a perfect definition on the internet: “Haute couture is an artisan-based method of making clothes that dates back over 150 years. The very expensive garments, shown in collections only in Paris twice a year, are bought by a core group of no more than 100 rich women around the world.” 

It is this kind of decadence and detail that makes your eyes sparkle. It was quite cold in Paris and everything was covered underneath a little snow blanket which gave you this little shiver – in a good way. Goosebumps all over and I was literally taken to a fairy tale. You cannot really describe it, you need to live and experience it. It’s like you are flowing and taken up on a cloud. I will certainly recapture some of these moments in my dreams. In the gallery above you see my three favorite designers from the shows I have seen: Valentino, Dior and Chanel.” 

So, enjoy this inspiring Friday and live your fashionable dreams :)

xoxo et bisous de Paris

V and Katie

photo credentials: Katie M.