Music has always played an important role in my life. There is something about it that evolves over time, as do feelings – music simply translates our emotions into beautiful songs.

Thus, for me it was basically a must to attend the MTV EMA 2012 in Frankfurt – a great event where inspiring artists and so many different creative people come together to celebrate. However, there were several moments when I thought I was on a different planet. I am not sure, if it’s due to the fact that I just didn’t drink enough alcohol, or that today (11.11.) is the beginning of German Karneval, it was definitely freaky. They turned the location into a big circus, which made it sometimes pretty bizarre and grotesque.

I mean, seriously, who wants to see Heidi Klum, the host of the show, dancing the Gangnam Style or David Hasselhoff as Astronaut? But it wasn’t all bad. During the show The Killers and Muse really rocked the audience. And no, I intentionally did not say “they killed it”. This joke was said and tweeted way too often by my most annyoing celebrities tonight Heidi and David.

I haven’t seen The Killers live before and I gotta say that I was completely blown away – definitely my drug for tonight :-) For those of you who haven’t either, it’s more than worth it. You really should go to one of their concerts.

Regarding the awards, there weren’t many surprises. But I was so happy for Taylor Swift. She is a phenomenally successful and accomplished singer-songwriter and so deserved the award, the trophy for Best Female artist. Carly Rae Jepsen’s catchy tune “Call Me Maybe” was awarded Best Song and Whitney Houston yet received another posthumous award as she was named “Global Icon” at the EMA. All in all, a nice show, but for me personally, nothing spectacular as you can see in the gallery above; not even the red carpet styles. They actually matched the circus theme quite well…Circus tunes at the MTV EMA 2012

Circus tunes at the MTV EMA 2012

Well, I hope your Monday does not start out as a crazy circus and I wish you all a great start this week – rock on my lovely folks!


photo credentials: V’s World, WEBN-TV (flickr), Creative Commons 2.0